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'Change Time'... One of Davey's collection of original songs. He presented his Reason-based soundtrack to guitarist Franky Douglas and female vocalist "M", who were inspired to contribute to this song-in-progress.
Sean Bergen,
longtime friend and musician, then added a very nice Sax solo, which completed this sample of what Mr. Dave calls…'Lounge Lizard Music'
'All By My Shelf': Alan "Gunga" Purves & Davey, during the recording sessions, laughed a lot and sometimes it drove us completely insane, but it was lots of fun. We would would try different sounds and rhythms with squeekie toys and various odds and sods and then add special effects to create a great soundscape for the music. Here is an idea what instruments a Squeekologist like 'Gunga' might use... Wee Kalimbas, School Bells, Brim Bram, Jaws Harp, Tubes, Moothies, Wee Accordions, Euler's Disk, Plastic Bags, Bodhran, Bird Whistles, Car Horn, Boom Wackers, Chinese Crickets, Rubber Drums, Tin Whistles, Spring Drum, Wee Accordion, Wee Marimba, Bowed Cymbal...and more.
'Tuin van Toen': Ben Waalwijk recorded his CD live with 5 musicians. Drums: recorded with overhead mikes for cymbles and HH, D-drum contact switches on real snare & bass drum, triggering samples to recreate the live sound of snare and kick. Piano: recorded via MIDI. Guitar & Bass: were line-in to the console mixer. Sax: recorded in seperate booth. Vocals: were overdubbed later. Dave inserted the special string selection of the SY-77 and the flute-like sounds of the JP-8000