Movie Soundscapes

'The Red Glove' Johnny Melville, Jango Edwards, and Guest Artists from the comic world.








Audio Art

Friends Roadshow

Video Clips

'Weeeeird Encounter' is a Rap/shuffle effect which underscores one of a series of strange encounters in a weird village.
'The Slide' After smoking a bit of weed & noticing for the first time, he had been in the ski lift with two blood thirsty characters...he went off into a dream like slide down the mountain. This piece depicts that dream like slide.
'Bitchy Witch' Jango was sitting around waiting for a phone call & decided to create a new card game ...He called it 'Bitchy Witch'. So what type of music goes with a new card game? Jan Nordijk helped with guitar to create this new background piece.
'Ski Chase' scene has a Heavy metal feel requested by the movie producers.
'The Trailer' is an introductory theme for The Red Glove. A spoof of thrillers such as Hitchcock's The Birds, the ant creatures in Them, with shades of Frankenstein, Dracula, etc.
'May Day' scene needed Silly band playing in the background, out of tune horns in the Alps.
Theater Soundscapes
'My Twlight Toon'  A sureal verion of the orginal Twilight Zone 1960 television series, in which there were doors that opened to nowhere, clocks, stars and galaxies moving toward you.
'Benny Buns' The strongest man in the world arrives in a football arena, waving to the cheering crowd while a 100-piece marching band plays 'Benny's Back in Town
'Dream Starts' Night Mirrors: a 45-minute-soundtrack for a surreal play. A little girl watches a merry-go-round in a park. She falls asleep and has a strange, Alice-in-Wonderland-like dream.